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Industrial partners

Plastic solution automotive

Plastic Solution Automotive was implemented following the initiative of five businesses to willing to put their competencies in synergy in order to offer global services to motor vehicle equipment manufacturers, constantly seeking timeliness and high-quality products.

Public partners

CRCI (Regional Franche-Comté Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Gives more visibility to our company and promotes our activity.

Pôle de compétitivité Microtechniques

Franche-Comté groups a one-of-a-kind microtechnology know-how, unique in France. 150 years of passion and technological crossovers at precision's service, first in the clock trade, lead to today’s competitiveness in this sector, carried on by its strong industry, its dynamic research policy and its constant training sessions.


Microtechnology and scientific Technopole. Some130 hectares in Grand Besançon (Doubs, Franche-Comté), European microtechnology cluster, representing an economic pool of 200,000 inhabitants.
A resource centre dedicated to the Information and Communication Technologies. BAOTIC has for aim to promote the use of Information and Communication in the industrial sector.

DRIRE Franche-Comté

Regional Direction of Industry and Environment Research.

CCI: DOUBS Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2 rue Anne de Pardieu - 25000 BESANÇON - Tél. +33(0)3 81 47 44 99 - Fax +33(0)3 81 47 44 95